Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the iOS app AR Beer Pong Game

Information we collect

AR Beer Pong Game saves user settings, preferences, and game-records to the device it's installed on.

Technical basics

AR Beer Pong Game requires usage of an iOS device's camera for the augmented reality experience this app provides. Data from the camera is not recorded.

Information usage

AR Beer Pong Game uses previously saved user settings, preferences, and game-records to provide a more entertaining experience and or challenge goals.

There is no data to share with any outside service.


AR Beer Pong Game does not request, store, or share any potentially sensitive information.

Accessing, changing, or deleting information

Saved preferences and records for AR Beer Pong Game can be reset to defaults via the "Custom Rules" and "Options" menu within the app.

Camera permissions can be disabled via the AR Beer Pong Game menu in iOS settings. This will cause the app to prompt the user to reenable camera permissions via the same menu.

All stored data is removed if AR Beer Pong Game is uninstalled


By installing and running AR Beer Pong Game, you consent to our Privacy Policy


If there is issue with this privacy policy, or the AR Beer Pong Game app, you can contact [email protected] with your concerns.